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Very Rare 2mm thick Exotic Veneer          Veneer Packs & Burr Packs    


Veneer Tools                                          Burr Veneers  


             Glue Film Limited Offers!       Exquisite Burr Walnut Flat & Ready To Lay On.

 Selection of 20 colours ~~~~~ 8 Colours on Birdeye Maple

Large Selection of Colour Veneers A Grade 

From packs to single large leaves for large projects


Decorative Wood Veneers                                     Burr Veneers       


Marquetry Panels                   Marquetry Shell & Fans.
All Our Panels & Inlays Are Hand Crafted By Us to follow the antique tradition 
Made In The UK With Professional Method & Not CNC Laser Machine Cut.

Use Original Marquetry Ltd For Your Finishing Touch!!!

Over 160 Inlay Bandings               Lines & Stringing


Bespoke Marquetry Fine Example             Marquetry Restorations

Bespoke Marquetry
All Our Panels & Inlays Are Hand Crafted By Us to follow the antique tradition
Made In The UK With Professional Method & Not CNC Laser Machine Cut.
Use Original Marquetry Ltd For Your Finishing Touch!

Inlay Brass Strip, Brass Rod Suppliers 

Brass Cabinet Fittings

Mother of Pearl & Abalone

Original Marquetry is one of the UK Leading of Mother of Pearl, 
Abalone, Old Tortoise Shell & Alternative Ivory Suppliers

Fret & Piercing Saw Blades
Fret Saw Blade, Piercing Saw Blades For All Fretsaw, Metal, Shell, Horn, Bone,
Wood & Blades For All Fretsaw, Metal. 

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